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How We Work

We provide flexible terms that meet the needs of our clients and the communities we all serve.

Single Projects

Accessing any service(s) provided by engage on a limited basis, within a defined project scope.

Term Engagements

Interim service, tactical or leadership support with a themed scope and a defined timeline.

Service Agreements

Reliable, ongoing service delivery and support from engage. Agreements can be narrow or broadly focused, with daily, weekly or monthly tasks.


Everyday, we help our clients to engage. But more specifically, we help with:

Strategic Work

Discovery and Planning

Whether contributing to your structured program, or facilitating our own, engage can help your organization collaboratively discover it's Purpose, Mission, Values and Goals - and can facilitate the formation of your next strategic plan.


If your organization needs support implementing a strategic plan, engage can support successful implementation by ensuring that your communications (internal, external, project team) are on point every step of the way.


Having a critical incident response plan is essential, and engage helps our clients to be prepared for what they will say, what they will do, and how they will act when an incident occurs.

Audit (non-financial)

The most successful organizations learn from every experience. By auditing marketing, communications, engagement, and fundraising programs our clients deepen their understanding of their strengths and opportunities.

Marketing and Communications


Strategic Marketing and Communications strategies that reach the right audience members, at the right time, on the right channel to help you achieve your goals.


Tactical marketing support, providing the planning, creative, implementation, monitoring, and reporting services needed for successful campaigns.


Tactical communications support, providing the right messaging from the right voice to convey a clear and consistent message.


Creative support, including writing for all channels and audiences, graphic design, photography, videography, and animation.


Digital communication support, including templates, content (daily, weekly, monthly), program management, and reporting.


Design, content creation, maintenance and management services for websites, blogs, multimedia, and social channels.



Connecting with internal and external stakeholders through engaging response tools that inform your strategies and support your business.


Supporting your business by facilitating a meeting, speech, presentation or other engagement on your behalf


Ready-for-use presentations, slide decks, and templates, customized for your business and your audience.


Engaging speeches that connect your audience to your key message, written by and rehearsed with engage, delivered by you.


Stakeholder engagements that make people feel like they belong and inspire them to act.


In support of your project goals, engage may work with service providers, as needed on a project basis, including:

  • Web, graphic, and print design
  • Photography, Videography, and Animation
  • Writers
  • Journalists and Media
  • Advertising (online and offline)
  • Coaching and Mentorship
  • Risk analysis 
  • Data analytics
  • Data, web and survey hosting
  • IT support
  • Legal experts
  • Financial experts
  • Business experts
  • Sector-specific expertise

We have strong relationships and partnerships across Canada to ensure that our client goals are always met. We also welcome the opportunity to connect with your existing providers, if available.